Stunning slide decks are meaningful to your message.

Unless you are an expert at slides and using transitions, video is often an easier means of distracting the audience. Generally, videos fall into two categories – too long or totally meaningless. Ensure that any video supports your message, since it takes focus from you and your own words for the length of that video.

When a slide is reached with a video, that video should begin immediately. This removes the extra clicks some speakers use to start their video. To remind yourself of an upcoming video, the slide before it can contain a consistent element or section break slide. That slide is a indication that there is a video on the next slide. When you click to move from that slide, the video begins without delay or a lengthy clicking process.

Videos being watched should take up the space of the entire screen. If the video does not scale to fit your entire slide, scale it up until the first borders reach the slide edges. Dock the video to the top of the page, and ensure the background is black to avoid any notion that some part of the slide or video is missing.

Stunning slides ensure videos are of extreme value and add to your message.

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