We are Trevor Perry!


Trevor is your Slide Advisor.

Trevor has a unique approach to building stunning slide decks, whether it is yours or his own.

His technical expertise is extensive, and he is a master at the tools of presenting. Trevor guides speakers and businesses in their technology adoption and is often referred to as a technology “alchemist”.

He has twenty years of speaking experience around the globe, both on technical and keynote subjects. Trevor understands how to deliver a message that is strong.

He has mentored speakers in many capacities – learning the business of speaking, the craft of speaking, improvisational skills, stunning slide decks, overcoming the fear of speaking. Most recently, Trevor has, for the NYC chapter of the National Speakers Association, acted in the role of Dean of their Speakers Academy and University.

Trevor has a rare talent as a storyteller, which enables him to listen and translate your message into a slide deck, and works with you to develop the final stunning slide deck you deserve.

You can reach Trevor at trevor@stunningslides.com. He will gladly work with you for your own stunning slide shows!