Slide Advisor

Personal Slide Advisor

Do you need a slide review?

Did you build your slides yourself and wish to stunnify them?

Have you already had your slides built by

  • an amateur
  • a fellow speaker
  • a slide “guy” or “girl”
  • a professional

.. and still want to step your slides up to the next level?

Slide Advisor

Trevor is your Slide Advisor. He works with you in several ways.

  • Guide you in developing your slide deck.
  • Review and analyze your slide deck or individual slides.
  • Work with you to convert your message into a stunning slide deck.
  • Build your slides for your new presentation.

Connect with Trevor for an initial consultation about what you need, what your slides need, and your next steps.

Contractual obligations

An agreement is required for these services. Please contact Trevor to negotiate the details.

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