Stunning slide deck content is visible to the entire audience.

For stunning slides, the audience must be able to read any words you are using. The color of the text is important. Using colors correctly can make the difference between the audience understanding your message or not. The usual problem with color is that projectors are regularly inconsistent. If you have an opportunity to see your presentation projected on the actual projector, it will help you choose the correct colors.

  • Some projectors don’t do a good job with certain colors. Be certain to choose colors wisely so they can be see on the screen.
  • Avoid orange and yellow. They regularly disappear.
  • Avoid light and pastel color. They are often washed out.
  • Use colors with high contrast. Color blind people are often unable to see the difference between low contrasting colors.
  • If you feel you need to use a light or pastel color. Ensure it is the brightest color you can choose, and place it on a strong contrasting dark color.
  • If the color is part of your branding. Find a graphic designer to assist in choosing a stronger color that works when projected and still reflects your brand.

Stunning slides can be read on any display or projector screen.

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