Stunning slide decks are pleasing to the eyes.

For most non-technical presentations, and some technical presentations, images can represent your message to your audience in a manner that appeals to the fact that most humans are more often visual in deciphering information. Looking at an image will be translated faster than reading words to “learn” something. Images afford the presenter the opportunity to tell a story and guide the audience to their message faster, with depth, and without distraction.

Placement of images on a slide is important. The strongest images will take up the entire slide. Including an image in the middle of a slide, with or without border, will mean the audience may have to look harder for details, or may have trouble even viewing the image itself. Adding a word or two layered over the image can add strength, and contrast between the text and the background image must be clear. Multiple images should be used sparingly.

When filling a slide with an image, avoid stretching the image in one direction or another – the lack of correct perspective can be discomforting for an audience. Zooming an image to fit the height or width of a slide may leave empty space above and below or to both sides of the image. In this case, ensure the background color is black – when it is presented, those areas do not appear to be part of the actual slide.

Stunning slides visualize your message delivery with images.

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