Stunning slide decks are readable by your entire audience.

When using text on slides, consistency is key. Avoid strange, curious, or “amazing” fonts that are unreadable. If you ever send your presentation to be used on another computer, ensure that the fonts you use are already installed on that computer. Avoid sending fonts to other computers, because you’ll often breach licensing or you’ll find they are not installed when you get to present.

Standard fonts on most PCs, macs, and tablets, are Calibri, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica.

All slide titles should be in the same font and same pitch. Keep your titles to the minimum words, avoid using titles that fold, and ensure the pitch is the same between every slide title. Ensure slide text does not scale and shrink when you add more in the screen content placeholder. All level one bullets should use the same pitch, all level two bullets should use the same pitch, and if you reach level 3 bullets, consider breaking that slide into multiple slides.

Use appropriately sized fonts for each of the elements in your deck, so that the audience can read the words without squinting or reaching for an extra pair of glasses. Use words in discrete groups to make it easier for the audience to grasp the concept quicker. Separate longer text sections – usually quotes – into readable, meaningful groups for easier comprehension.

Stunning slides use readable consistent text to emphasize your message.

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