Stunning slide decks ensure you have audience focus.

Many presenters believe that something moving on a slide creates a “wow” experience for the audience. Yet, in the majority of cases, animations add no value to your message, and simply distract the audience for a few moments. This, in turn, takes focus from you and from your message.

The cost of the effort to add animations with your presentation tool is far more expensive than the (negative) benefit of the distraction. This time spent is essentially wasted. To add to the cost, maintaining your own or someone else’s animation “wow” is even more expensive and frustrating.

Remember that animations are not required for “builds” – where you will present related pieces of information one piece at a time. Builds can, and should, be made with clean presentation of new information.

And, no matter the “rules”, there may be a presentation where an animation is effective for the delivery of your message. Until you are, or have engaged, a slide expert, tread carefully.

Stunning slides avoid moving distractions.

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